The Chelsea Flower Show Review…

Loknan Architectural - Kate Gould Gardens City Living

A brief overview…

Well… after months and months of blood, sweat and tears, the Chelsea Flower show is over! And what a show it was…

After all the hard work and intense preparation during and before the build-up, the gardens all looked truly stunning. It was nice to see some really original designs included in this year’s line-up, from the almighty monoliths in James Basson’s M&G Garden to Kate Gould’s three storey demonstration of how a city apartment block can be turned into a green oasis. But it wasn’t just about the size of the gardens, there were some inspirational gardens themed on breast cancer and mental health as well as quirky colour themes as seen on Sarah Eberle’s artisan garden and Manoj Malde’s fresh garden.

Some said this show would be a failure after a seeming drop in sponsorship, but anyone who attended could definitely say that Chelsea was still working its magic and inspiring everyone who came to the show and those who viewed it on the TV!

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate James Basson on his fantastic design for the M&G Garden, which won the Best in Show award. To see the full list of awards given on each garden, please click this link, which takes you to the relevant page on the RHS website.

What about Loknan?

For our part, it was the most amazing experience to be involved in two gardens that were bold in design and built and planted to perfection.

One of these was Sarah Eberle’s Spring Garden for Hillier Nurseries in the Great Pavilion. This resulted in Hillier being awarded their 72nd consecutive gold medal and Sarah winning her ‘Triple Double’ (two gold medals at three consecutive Chelsea Flower Shows).

Loknan Architectural - Hilliers Spring with Sarah Eberle

Loknan Architectural – Hilliers’ Spring Garden with Sarah Eberle

The other was Kate Gould’s City Living garden which was designed to show people how you can utilise small spaces in the city to create enjoyable green areas. Kate also won a gold medal as well as the coveted Best in Fresh Garden category award.

Loknan Architectural – City Living by Kate Gould Gardens

Both gardens featured Loknan Architectural Bamboo decking and cladding, with Sarah opting for our ‘Fast Click’ system and Kate opting for the Concealed milling system to install the decking.

The collaboration between our team and the designers and contractors was excellent and meant that there were no major issues with the lead times, installation or finishing during the build-up, and with discussions already underway about future private projects, long may it last!

An article about Kate’s garden featured in the Evening Standard, you can read the full article here