Location: City Wharf, Islington

Client: Fabrica

Landscape Architect: LDC

“Bold and distinctive in architectural design” was how Fabrica described this development. A description that is becoming typical of this area of Islington, and is especially shown in the outstanding architecture of the Lexicon and Canaletto towers, just along the road from City Wharf.

The City Wharf’s timber cladding is a throwback to the timber industry, which once dominated this area, and we were very excited to be part of this project. It has been all about bringing back to life, not just the heritage of the buildings, but also the canals and landscape around it. Loknan collaborated closely with LDC on this project to ensure that the timber supplied for public space, such as the benches in the courtyards, held true to this heritage whilst still having the look of ‘contemporary urban cool,’ that Fabrica wanted to create.

This allowed Loknan’s expertise in timber to come to the fore. We needed to examine the best options, in terms of the design of the product by making sure it complimented the overall design theme of the building. But, just as importantly, we had to ensure that it was a product that had the ability to withstand constant use, yet keep its original quality and appearance, for a long period of time.

The benches that were used for the courtyard areas required various non-standard lengths of timber that Loknan was able to provide quickly and cost effectively, thanks to our in-house workshop facilities.

 Once again, due to our early collaboration with LDC and the other key stakeholders involved, the project proceeded flawlessly and Loknan was able to get the bespoke products on site, well before the required date, saving the landscape architect on costs and valuable time.