Project: ‘City Living’ show garden at RHS Chelsea 2017

Designer/Client: Kate Gould Gardens

The concept behind Kate Gould’s ‘City Living’ show garden was to demonstrate how any space, with a little thought and creativity, can be ‘greened up’ and transformed into a delightful area to relax in and enjoy.

When Kate Gould first showed the team at Loknan her plans for her City Living garden at Chelsea and expressed her desire that we should provide some cladding and decking for this garden, we could hardly say no! It was a bold and out of the box garden with three storeys, unlike anything seen at Chelsea before, and a guaranteed show stopper in true Kate Gould form!

Kate immediately involved the project team at Loknan, with many meetings and phone calls to discuss timber species, colour and installation. Clear communication in any project is vital to it’s success, and this was certainly no exception! Thanks to this close collaboration, the project flowed very smoothly, with no major hold ups during installation.

Loknan sent the decking and cladding to be installed at the factory in Wales where the main structure was being built, and the remaining items were sent to the show ground for the final part of the build-up.

It was privilege to be involved in a garden that won both Gold and Best in Fresh category, and to be part of a team that helped build a garden that was widely admired and talked about throughout the show.


Behind the Scenes…

Whilst the finished show garden is an impressive sight to behold, when you see the sheer volume of work that goes into creating a masterpiece of this nature, it becomes even more phenomenal!

Because of this, we thought we would add an extra section to this case study to try and give some idea of the amazing amount of work that has to be done in such a compressed period of time.

Prior to starting on site, there are months and months of detailed preparation that has to take place. Varying from mind-blowing design work in the studio through to more physical activities (like stuffing 80,000 fibre optic pieces into polystyrene moulds in preparation for the stunning terrazzo stair wall!), the work that goes into a show garden truly is amazing!

The first day on site for this show garden was the 6th May. What followed was 14 days of blood, sweat and tears… but what an incredibly rewarding result!

The below gallery is a series of snapshots from different stages throughout the build, hopefully these help give some idea of what a remarkable feat this garden was!