Loknan Architectural - Private Home in Surrey Case Study Header

Project: Private Home, Surrey

Client: Private Home Owner

Property Developer: Consero London Ltd

This project was for a decking area on a balcony that connected to the master suite in an impressive prime residential property in one of the most desired addresses in Surrey.

In order to make the house flow, the client wished to have the decking on the balcony matching the colour of the interior flooring, which was a dark charcoal colour. The species of choice was bamboo, thanks to being highly sustainable and having fantastic aesthetics.

Following discussions between our technical team, the client and our mill, we were able to tailor the decking to the required colour. The RAL colour of the interior flooring was used to ensure a close colour match was achieved, and the bamboo was then coated with a protective oil to ensure the longevity of the finish. This meant we could provide the client with the species they wanted and the colour required to give the desired effect.

The end result was a stunning finish to the balcony that perfectly complemented an already beautifully constructed and decorated home.