This is about how we do what we do, which may sound confusing, but it’s not!

In order to work through projects with our clients successfully (from the initial concept through to the completed project), we follow the ‘Six-C Journey’ – a process which involves collaboration with our clients to bring their visions to reality.

The purpose of this fantastic work of art (which, believe me, is truly unique to us!) is actually to help us collaborate with you to prevent the common pain points by providing you with the following:

• Consistent and accurate cost and lead time forecasts
• Assurance that the design is structurally viable and that the right products are used for the right purposes
• Making the design time quicker and more profitable
• Having a dedicated team to see the project through from start to finish

And it’s this process which enables us to bring your visions to reality and truly stay ahead of the curve in our industry!

The following diagram outlines the key steps in the process:

The 6-C Journey - Explained!