If you’re wondering where we came from and how we became a provider of top end decking and landscaping products, then read on!

Our story started on the 2nd day of September 2013, when three family members joined the family firm.

Whilst this seemed quite a normal course of events from one perspective, there are some rather interesting facts to consider:

• 2 of the three were twins, the 3rd was their first cousin
• The years they spent in front of lecturers and contending on the sports field had formed a strong bond between them
• Being young and energetic, there was a passionate desire to break the status quo and do something new
• It was on this day that Diana Nyad became the first brave person to swim from Cuba to the USA without a shark cage – a 110 mile doggy paddle that made history! (Ok, so this doesn’t really have anything to do with the founders but nevertheless, it’s a noteworthy feat!)

Now, after spending some years collaborating with landscape architects and designers, it became apparent to the trio that what was needed in the industry was something extra, something above and beyond what standard suppliers were offering. In essence, a change of the status quo – exactly the opportunity they had been looking for!

Following months of research and looking at the industry from every conceivable perspective, there were some key features which appeared to be lacking in many projects:

• Quality collaboration
• Regard for the environment
• Use of sustainable materials
• Truly bespoke solutions to bring clients visions to reality
• Clearly communicated costs & lead times

The list goes on, but this alone was more than enough to get us thinking! It was at this point we decided to make a move in order to help our clients with their projects, and Loknan Architectural was born.

The 3 Founders

‘The Trio’ – Sheldon Diplock, Braden Diplock & Rolf Diplock (L-R)