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Our Mission

Loknan was born with a specific focus on supplying the best quality decking and cladding products on the market! But we didn’t just stop at that, we’ve been listening to you and hearing the comments about decking being confusing and cladding having too much technical jargon! So we’ve set out what we call the ‘3S’  objectives and everybody in our team lives and breathes them!

They are:

  • Simplify – we want to remove as much of the foggy jargon and technical speak, and just talk to you in everyday terms about our products!
  • Speed – whether its getting back to you after a call or an email, or whether its sending you quotes, we promise to respond fast first time!
  • Support – all our team is committed to every project we get involved with, right from design & conception through to installation and aftercare.

Our Background

Loknan is part of The ATF Group who have been supplying landscaping and fencing supplies to the trade and public for over 30 years! However that’s not where the story really starts, as the directors’ family are part of a long line of entrepreneurs who have been pioneers in saw-milling, construction, agriculture, horticulture and even kitchen appliances for decades!

The founders of Loknan that joined The ATF Group are members of the same pioneering founding family and are driven by the ambitions as their ancestors were all those years ago, to exceed expectations and challenge the status quo in their industry.

So please go and check out our product pages or browse through our product gallery to get some inspiration! And if you have any questions or you would just like some advice, please call our team who will be ready to help with any request!