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100mm x 47mm Substructure Timber

Product Code: 4"x2"

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Machined from premium grade softwood, our 100mm x 47mm timber (4″ x 2″) has eased edges and is kiln dried before treatment, making installation easier and giving the finished product a long service life.

All our C16 graded structural timber meets the performance levels required by EN338, is CE marked to EN14081 and is the most cost effective option for today’s construction methods.

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2.4m x 100mm x 47mm (8' x 4" x 2"), 3m x 100mm x 47mm (10' x 4" x 2"), 3.6m x 100mm x 47mm (12' x 4" x 2"), 4.8m x 100mm x 47mm (16' x 4" x 2")