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HC4 Ultra Treated 75mm x 75mm Substructure Timber

Product Code: 3"x3"

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This timber is made from Redwood, a naturally durable softwood, which means that once pressure treated, our posts won’t twist and warp like whitewood posts and will also last up to 3 times longer.

Once we have the right species, we then focus on the treatment process and make sure that our posts are pressure treated, not just once, but twice. This guarantees maximum penetration, helping prevent water ingress and wood rot.

The quality of the post is directly determined by the quality of the mill. It’s because of this that we take time to visit our suppliers, ensuring that the posts you get are going to be cut to a high standard from good quality lumber.

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1.5m (5'), 1.8m (6'), 2.1m (7'), 2.4m (8'), 2.7m (9'), 3.0m (10')