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Premier Salisbury Screen Panel

Product Code: Salisbury

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Introducing our all-time favourite, the Decorative Salisbury Screen Panel.

Whilst sleek in appearance, it’s certainly built to last!

1. The heavy duty frame is planed smooth all round, disguising the robust construction and keeping it pleasing to the eye

2. Careful slat construction creates privacy whilst allowing air movement through the panel, preventing damage during the wild & windy winter months

3. Integrated lattice trellis blends seamlessly with the panel slats below in a stunning curve design that creates a fantastic feature along the entire fence line

4. Well-spaced vertical intermediate battens help maintain rigidity, massively reducing timber movement in hot weather and ‘panel droop’ over time

5. Made entirely using pressure treated timber, giving maximum protection against wet weather and preventing wood rot

Please Note, as these panels are 1.8m wide rather than a true 6′ (1.83m), you will require 2 Panel Extension Strips (Code: 12605) if using these panels with a 6′ (1.83m) Concrete or Composite Gravel Board.

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1.0m/1.2m/1.0m (h) x 1.8m (w), 1.3m/1.5m/1.3m (h) x 1.8m (w), 1.6m/1.8m/1.6m (h) x 1.8m (w)