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Square Trellis

Product Code: Square

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The perfect complement to any panel fence, our Standard Square Trellis gives you peace of mind by increasing your boundary height but still letting the light shine into your garden.

Manufactured from pressure treated batten for maximum longevity.

Approx. 4″ (100mm) square hole spacing won’t block the light out of your garden.

Wide selection of standard heights to choose from to suit your requirements.

Can also be fixed to a house wall or behind a planter to allow plants to grow up.

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6' (w) x 1' (h), 6' (w) x 2' (h), 6' (w) x 3' (h), 6' (w) x 4' (h), 6' (w) x 5' (h), 6' (w) x 6' (h)